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Unclogging Drains

When hair, soap, and other gunk stick to the drain wall, they can cause a clog in your home. This causes water to leave your sink slower. Over time this leads to water backups. If you want to fix this problem call our plumbers. They can get rid of this build-up without any wear to your plumbing system. It’s cheaper to unclog a drain than it is to repeatedly use more water to get rid of the backup.

Frozen Pipes

During the winter water can begin to freeze due to the cold temperature. Pipes that don’t have the proper insulation or are in unheated parts of the home can have this occur as well. When water freezes inside a pipe there is a higher chance of a pipe burst due to the pressure. If you have a frozen pipe there is no time to waste. Call for our plumbers and let the water run so that the movement helps thaw the frozen water a little.

Drain Repair

A number of problems can occur to a drain in a home. If you have large trees growing nearby there is a chance of tree roots making their way into the cracks of the pipes and causing problems to the plumbing system. The pipes could also wear down due to old age, damage to the system, and other issues. When you notice something isn’t right with the system it’s better to get it replaced so that it can last you a long time.

Drain Cleaning

When you have a dirty drain it can wreck your whole plumbing system. This is because the wet area is a great place for bacteria to grow and cause issues such as foul odors and a more likely chance of health problems. So why not take care of your plumbing system and call for a drain cleaning. It helps your drain work at it’s best so that your plumbing system can last your home longer and cost you less over time in repairs.

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We are a locally-owned business that is delighted to serve clients located all areas across the GTA. We serve both residential and commercial buildings, so that the plumbing system of your home or business maintains its great condition.


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