Why Should You Get a Plumbing Inspection Before You Buy a House?

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When buying a house, everyone needs to go through a home inspection before making the purchase. You can check the house for any damages or malfunctions through a home inspection. Similarly, a plumbing inspection can assess any pipe damages that a house may have. The difference is that plumbing inspections are overlooked when compared to home inspections. The truth is that a plumbing inspection is just as vital as a home inspection. Conducting a plumbing inspection will save you money and determine the condition of your home.

A plumbing inspection will be done with attention to detail as the plumber will inspect every inch of your home’s plumbing. This includes piping, fixtures, sewer lines, water lines, septic systems (etc…). Some of the problems that an inspection can uncover are:

  • Major clogs in the water or drainage system
  • Tree roots growing into the pipes
  • Pipe, faucet, appliance, or showerhead leaks
  • Water heater corrosion
  • Altered water pressure
  • An overflowing septic system
  • Any corrosion or damage to the plumbing system
  • Broken sump pump

By conducting a proper plumbing inspection, you will be able to balance the risks of the house and make a decision based on the inspection results. Conducting a thorough inspection is recommended because a general inspection could miss underlying plumbing problems, and this could cost you significant money and time in the future.

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Can an Inspection Save You That Much Money?

You may be wondering, can I save that much money from a simple plumbing inspection? The answer is yes, you can. Imagine if you were to buy a house at full price, but forgot to do a plumbing inspection. No inspection will leave you exposed to plumbing issues that you may not even know about in the future. By conducting a plumbing inspection, you will be aware of the plumbing issues that your potential house may have. It will save you money over unexpected repairs. These repairs could end up costing thousands of dollars based on their severity. They can also take months of work to resolve until your house is functioning normally again. Some lenders may even require you to conduct a plumbing inspection, but even if they do not, you should consider a plumbing inspection before purchasing a home.

What Steps Should I Take in Investing in a Plumbing Inspection?

  • Ask for a professional’s opinion
    • Before taking any action, you should consult a plumbing professional to do a plumbing inspection. Because of the inexperience of new owners and other inexperienced plumbers, their method of inspection will not be as thorough as a plumbing professional. If you were to go with your gut or an inexperienced plumber for inspection, it would only set you back and cost you more money down the line over a professional plumbing inspection. A professional inspection will also give you an idea of the plumbing damages. It will also allow you to negotiate down the home purchase price due to these unpaid expenses.
  • Sewer Camera Inspection
    • A sewer camera inspection is an inspection that can investigate the status of your storm sewer before purchase. This is especially important if you have an older home, as tree roots tend to find their way into older pipes. The only way of discovering a tree root infestation in your pipes is by using a sewer camera inspection. A sewer camera inspection is important for those trying to avoid any tree root damage that could affect your pipes in the future.
    • If tree roots happen to be in your drain, there are a variety of solutions to get rid of them. After the inspection, you can get an estimate to hydro jet your line and develop a plan to stop the future growth of tree roots in pipes. For newer homes, you are less likely to have tree root pipe issues, however other problems may be present. This means that inspection should be done even if your home is new, and take action by conducting trench backfill and pushing the existing spoils back into your surrounding home areas could be done if needed. Your ground could also settle, and this could cause your sewer line to damage your foundation wall. This will cause a drop in piping and even a blockage. This problem will cause you long-term problems if you do not resolve it, but sewer line video can save you this trouble and save you long-term money.
  • Water Meter and Valves
    • You should also check your water meter in the plumbing inspection. When doing this, you first need to close all of your faucets and check if the water meter is still changing. If it is doing so, this indicates that there is a leak. If this is the case, observe your valves. First, shut off your main operation valve. By doing this, none of your home’s faucets should have running water. If this is the case, you are on the right track.
  • Faucets, sinks and toilets
    • Next, you should check all of your faucets and sinks. If their flow of water is working, then you have nothing to worry about. To check this, run your faucets and toilets to the maximum and make sure that everything is draining properly. If it is not draining, you are likely to have a clogged drain.
  • Septic System
    • You should also check if your septic system is working. If you notice any odours or standing water this could indicate a seepage. If this is the case, you should contact a plumbing expert and conduct an investigation as soon as possible.
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What Else Should You Check Before Buying a Home?

Before buying a house, you should check:

  • Toilets: discolouration around the toilet’s base, the functionality of the toilet bowl
  • Sewer: investigate the condition of the main sewer drain 
  • Pipes: the pipe size, water pressure, any damage under the sink, the water meter, water-colour
  • Water heater: its location, condition, age, capacity
  • Showers: the shower drain
  • Bathroom Sink: the sink drain
  • Lead: is there any lead in your pipes?

If any of these appliances in your home are in damaged condition, you should contact a plumbing expert as soon as possible for further instructions.