What is a Sewer System Backup?

Sewer System Backup can disrupt the outflow of your home’s sewage.
Your sewer system is one of the most used fixtures in your home. Your sewer system directs whatever goes down your drain away from your home and into a sewer. However, when substances get stuck in your sewer system, it can completely stop the flow of sewage through your sewer line. Furthermore, these substances can backup into your home causing more havoc. This backup could damage your sewage system if it left unresolved for an extended period. Cleaning up your sewer system is the best resolution in this case. Contact us today, as our team at Plumbers Near Me will be ready for whatever type of backup that your sewer system is experiencing.

What are the main indicators of sewer system backup?

Unsure whether or not you have a sewer system backup? If your sewage system is experiencing backup then you may recognize the following symptoms:

Your home or basement releases a foul smell

  • If an unpleasant smell begins to spread throughout your home out of the blue, then it may be a sign of a sewer system backup.

You are experiencing frequent drain backups

  • If you try to send something down your drain and it struggles to go down then your main sewer system may be experiencing a backup.

Strange reactions and sounds are coming from your plumbing appliances

  • If you notice any unusual noises or reactions coming from your drains or toilets, then this may be an indication that your sewer system is experiencing a backup.

Your toilet has no water in its bowl

  • If your toilet has no water in its bowl, even after flushing then this may be a sign of a sewer system backup.

There is a clog in more than one plumbing fixture

  • If more than one of your plumbing fixtures are experiencing trouble in draining or flushing sewage, then this is an indicator that your sewer system is experiencing backup.
By paying close attention and avoiding these factors, it can prevent your sewer system from experiencing backup.
If you hear any unusual noises coming from your plumbing fixtures, you may have a sewage system backup

What causes your sewer system to backup?

Your sewer system can experience backup due to a variety of substances that have either gone down your drain or gotten into the sewer system in another way. Some of the most common substances of backup include:

Tree root growth

  • When tree roots get the quantity of sunlight and water that they need to grow, they could end up in your sewer system. If your main sewer line is surrounded by growing trees above ground, the chances are that the trees will grow in the proximity of your main sewer system. This could not only cause a backup in your main sewer system, but it could also damage your pipes if they are not shortly resolved. 
  • To limit the growth of tree roots, you can apply chemical-based tree root killers to the root of your trees. However, if too much of this chemical is used, it could completely kill your tree. Instead of this method, it is best to install your main sewer line away from trees or to remove the trees that are in the proximity of your sewer system pipes. We encourage you to also contact our team at Plumbers Near Me for more insight on the possible resolutions that can be implemented for your sewer system

Tossing unpermitted substances down the drains

  • Whether you are pouring greases, oils or fat down your drain or other items such as eggshells and paper towels, this can cause a blockage in your pipes. This blockage limits the functionality of your sewer system, causing it to backup.
  • To avoid this, it is best to stop sending unpermitted substances down your drains entirely.

Installation Errors

  • In less common occurrences, your pipes may not be installed to transport sewage throughout your sewage system. This can cause your sewage system to backup frequently and to malfunction. To avoid this, it is important to get your pipes installed with the correct materials and connectivity.
Tree root growth is a common issue that can cause a sewer system backup.

Need a resolution for backup in your sewer system? Contact us today.

If you are presently experiencing a sewer system backup, we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible.  By contacting Plumbers Near Me, you avoid experiencing severe sewer system problems in the future.