Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipes Messing Up Your Plumbing System

Thanks to our tough Canadian winters this is a very common issue for homeowners. There is a risk of keeping your pipes frozen for a while. When the water goes into the pipe, the water can freeze, which can cause a leak or a burst of the pipe without you knowing it. Fixing this issue before it becomes a problem can save homeowners a lot of trouble. Plumbers Near Me can find frozen pipes in your home and fix them giving you peace of mind knowing that your home is ready for the harsh Canadian winters. We are ready to fix your frozen pipes in Toronto and nearby areas any time you need us.

What is the Risk of Frozen Pipes

When your pipes freeze it can cause some major issues when it comes to your plumbing. It can cause the flow of your water to mess up. But, when the water freeze in your pipe, then it can be the root of a clog. In that case, it can an issue to your water supply. The blockage is what you should be least worried about.

As the water freeze, the ice that is made by the freezing water can expand, which puts a lot of pressure on the pipe causing to leak or even worse, burst out and break the pipe. With the burst, it can cause your basement to be flooded and causing water damage.

Toronto Frozen Pipes

Why Call Plumbers Near Me To Fix Your Frozen Pipes

When your pipes burst or leak, it is hard to recover from fixing the pipes yourself. You need a professional like Plumbers Near Me to repair the pipe and make it look like to its old regular self. 

Also, another reason you would want to ask us to repair for you is that when you try to do a DIY installation, you need the right tools to do. You may have some of them, but all of them. Here at Plumbers Near Me, we carry all the tools and technology needed for fixing frozen pipes. For example, maybe one of our plumbers may need to use a torch, which you may not have.

Lastly, as plumbers we know all the parts of the pipe, so we can tell which parts need to be fix and which parts don’t need to be touched.  We can make sure that your pipes are safe and in good condition when finished with.

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