The importance of testing your well water

It is important to have a safe, reliable, and clean drinking water source. For some, that source is well water.  Well water is groundwater that flows into a well and is either pumped out or carried out. Maintenance on a well is something that is essential and should not be taken lightly.  The water from […]

Can chemical drain cleaners Damage your pipes?

Home drain cleaners like Draino and Liquid Plumbr are great options for cleaning out organic drain clogs. The products work by chemically corroding and dissolving the built up organic matter. After pouring the liquid down your clogged drain, wait a designated amount of time, then rinse thoroughly, the clog should be dissolved. But if those […]

Plastic Vs Metal Pipes: Which is better?

The two main types of pipes to install in your home are metal or plastic. Which one is obviously better than the other? Keep reading to find out what we think, or survey the facts and decide for yourself! Metal Metal has been used in plumbing since the beginning of modern plumbing, metal is reliable, […]

What to do if your Snake Breaks in the drain

So you have a clog that you are trying to unblock. No problem! Only issue is that the plunger didn’t work, your next idea? To get your hands on a plumber’s snake. The plumber’s snake is a tool that slides down your pipes, latches onto the block and then, you pull out and dispose of […]

All you need to know about French Drain

A french drain is one of many names but serves one main purpose.  A french drain is also known as a rubble drain, rock drain, land drain, or subsoil drain, but each refers to the same structure.  A pipe within a dug trench covered in rocks rather than soil.  The trench is lined with wood […]

Trenchless Sewer Repair

 Problems with your pipes will always need to be solved, especially cracked or broken sewer lines.  Some of the most effective ways unfortunately mean that your grass and yard will be looking a mess.  That is because in many cases, excavation is the solution.  Excavation involves digging up the old pipe and replacing it.  But […]

Why are my pipes green?

So you look under your sink and to your surprise, your copper pipes that you had installed a year ago are starting to turn green. What’s happening? Is this bad, or is there any risk? How can I prevent my pipes from going green? What can you do about green pipes? Let’s break all of […]

What is a Sewer System Backup?

Sewer System Backup can disrupt the outflow of your home’s sewage. Your sewer system is one of the most used fixtures in your home. Your sewer system directs whatever goes down your drain away from your home and into a sewer. However, when substances get stuck in your sewer system, it can completely stop the […]

Questions to Ask When You Call a New Plumber

When Calling a New Plumber, You Can Ask the Following Questions Are you certified, bonded and insured? Even though some plumbers may not have a license and insurance to conduct work, it is best to find a plumber that has both. A licensed and insured plumber demonstrates that as a client you can trust them […]

How Tree Roots Could Be Impacting Your Plumbing?

Tree roots in piping are one of the most common problems in plumbing. They can also be time-consuming and costly to resolve. Uncontrolled root growth underground can cause damage to your pipes, affecting your overall plumbing system as a whole. Roots can be very destructive as they can cause: Structural damage of pipes Sewer stoppage, […]