Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

What is Trenchless Sewer Line Repair?

It’s a way to replace old pipes in your backyard without having to excavate the landscape. Our no-dig techniques help get rid of damaged pipes without causing a disruption to your yard. There are two types of trenchless pipe repair.
  1. Trenchless Lining – All we have to do is dig a small hole at one end of the damaged pipe. A small flexible tube is then pushed through the old pipe and air goes through to enlarge the tube and push it against the old pipe. This tube will harden in a few hours. While this method may reduce the diameter of the pipe it is negligible. 
  2. Trenchless Bursting – Two holes need to be dug at each end of the pipe. A tool is used to break the existing pipe and replace it with a new pipe. This helps fix collapsed pipes with higher damage. For those pipes outside of your home that needs repair, it’s best to go with trenchless bursting. 

Why Should You Get Trenchless Pipe Repair?​

  1. No Digging – A trench won’t have to be dug in the yard to get to the old pipe to replace it. This makes it easier for our plumbers to get the job done. 
  2. No Unnecessary Removal – If there was a tree in the area it would have to be cut down so would anything else in the path of the pipe. 
  3. Less Time – Without having to dig the yard to replace the pipes less time will be spent on the trenchless pipe repair. We can complete this service in less than a day.
  4. Cost Less – This isn’t just talking about the service it is cheaper but also that fact that you won’t need to hire people to redesign your yard once more and make it look better in appearance. 
  5. Better for the Environment – Digging and removing anything around the pipe to replace it means that you’re disrupting the ecosystem around your home so a no-dig method would be better. 
  6. Effective – Ths service ensures that only the best materials are used so the pipe is durable and lasts you a long time. 

When Should You Get a Trenchless Pipe Repair?

  1. Multiple clogs – It’s normal to get clogs in your home the buildup of gunk leads to an inevitable blockage. But if multiple drains and sinks in your home are clogged this could indicate that the problem occurs from a sewer line clog which would need a trenchless pipe repair. 
  2. Foul Smell – Again this could only be a problem if multiple drains in your home emit a foul odor. This occurs from the bacteria forming on the clog leading to the smell. If a sewer has a clog this smell will permeate the home in a more long-lasting stench. So it’s good to fix this issue immediately. 
  3. Mold Growth – Mold occurs anywhere water is present so if you notice mold in many areas of your home this could have occurred due to problems with the sewer line. This causes moisture to occurs and increases the humidity of your home. Mold can cause health problems so don’t wait to call for a plumber. 
  4. Wet Basement – A sewer line is near a basement so this is where the first sign of a problem could occur. It’s good to check the drains in the area for any problems. Water showing up in this area could be an indicator of a problem in the sewer line. Things like cracks, stains, or rust indicate a wet basement. 

How Long Does Trenchless Pipe Repair Last?

Trenchless pipe repair can last you 50 years. As it is a non-invasive technique it’s a great service to go with when replacing a pipe.

Why is Plumber Near Me the Best Option?

We offer 24/7 services. So it doesn’t matter day or night whether it’s the holidays or a weekday we’ll arrive to deal with the problem. Plumber Near me offers our services in Toronto and nearby areas. Plus our services come at very affordable prices. We always strive to give customer satisfaction with all our work which is why our plumbing service is impeccable. We don’t just fix your problems with our maintenance we can ensure that you avoid any plumbing problems in the future. All you have to do it shut off your water valve and call our professional plumber for help.

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