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A sump pump is an important part of your plumbing. Without the sump pump, it can hard to keep water out of the basement. This can cause a flood with damage to your home. It can destroy our basement or home depending on the length of the damage. In addition, it can cause issues to your drainage system and water pressure. You need a professional to install a sump pump. Plumber Near Me can be that professional that installs for you. Our plumbers have expert knowledge, the skills and experience to install a sump pump as they have done it many times.  Call us to get your sump pump install near the Toronto area.


What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a device that helps keep the house or building dry and prevent it from flooding. It is in the lower part of the basement or crawlspace. Sump pumps are usually installed in constructed sump pits. 

Water is flown into the sump pit through the drains or natural water by migration through the soil. The job of the sump pump is to pump the water out of the pit, so the basement stays dry. Also, the sump pump has valves that sense the water levels or pressure. If the water level gets high, then the water get pushed out of the basement using a  discharge line called effluent. The effluent connects the sump pump to a drainage area.

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What Are the Types of Sump Pumps?

The types of sump pumps are the primary sump pump, battery backup sump pump, combination sump pump, and sewage sump pump. Our team has different types of sump pump that we can install you near the Toronto area depending on what is best for your home or business.

Primary Sump Pump
This pump is the standard pump found in many residences. It pumps the excess water out of the basement. They help prevent floods. Also, they can actually pump thousands of gallons an hour, so they can keep your home safe.
There two types of primary sump pumps, which are submersible pumps and pedestal pumps. The submersible pump is in underwater, while the pedestal pump is next with the pump motor out of the water above the sump basin. The pedestal pump is the best one to use because the pump base is drowning, but the pump basin is not.
Battery Backup Sump Pump
This sump pump can help you in case the power goes out. Since the primary sump pump is electric powered, it will not work in a power outage. The battery backup sump pump is functional not only during a blackout but also if the primary sump does not work.  During a power outage, the battery on the backup unit will on. It will provide the pump with power so it continues working, even without regular electric power. With technology rising, the pumps can even send you text messages without electric power.
Combination Sump Pump

AAs the name says, this sump pump is a combination of the backup sump pump and the primary sump pump. If you have dealt with a flooded basement, you know the pain. If the power does do go out, then the backup sump pump will turn on, as the primary pump does not work and the water can’t keep up with the water entering the basin.

Sewage Pump

The sewage pump is unlike your average sump pump. But, they can be used for that purpose. The sewage pump’s purpose is to pump waste and effluent from your home to a septic system. It can suck up solids up to 2 inches, which is a big difference since regular ones get rid of water. In addition, it runs automatically when installed. It is installed in a specific tank or a separate pump chamber.

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