Lead Pipe Replacement

Are Your Lead Pipes Giving You Issues?

If you have a house made in the mid-1950s, then your underground waterline pipes may have lead pipes. Lead pipes are not good because they can actually contaminate your water, which can use you to be sick. There are two parts of it, which are the city’s water line pipes and your private water line pipes. Your private waterline pipes can have a replacement by any plumber who has a license, like Plumbers Near Me. Plumbers Near can help you with your lead pipes issue in Toronto and nearby.
The city’s waterline pipe can have a replacement too after you have done yours. Toronto’s Water Division will do it for you. The city’s waterline pipe comes from the boundary of your property to the water main.

How Do I Know That I Have Lead Pipes?

Lead pipes have a different appearance to them. It is easy to tell that you have lead pipes. If the lead pipes are not painted, they are soft and have a dull gray colour. To test it that you really have a lead pipe, get a coin, then scrape it gently on the pipe. If you a shiny silver metal after scraped it, then it is a lead pipe. 


The best place to find a lead pipe is under your kitchen sink or the place where the pipe goes into your property. If don’t know where it is, you can ask one of our plumbers to take a look at it for you.

Toronto Lead Pipes Replacement

Benefits of Lead Pipe Replacement

Replacing your lead pipe can benefit you in many ways.


  1. Helps with improving the quality of drinking water
  2. Removes corrosion  and lead leaching
  3. Reducing lead exposure
  4. All of the lead water service connections replaced over a 9 year period
  5. Improves the water pressure for homes that have a smaller water connection. For this for older homes.

What Can Happen if You Have a Water Leak?

Many things can happen if you have a water leak. Many of them can result more severely than you think. Here the things that can happen if you have a water leak:


  1. Water Bill can be High
    A water bill can be high because with a water leak in your underground lead pipes that you can’t see, it will increase your water bill. It will cost you more money than you think for a long time unless you get a professional plumber like Plumbers Near Me to get the job done to replace the lead pipe.

  2. Damage to Your Yard and Home

    With an underground leak to your lead pipe, you don’t want a company to just dig your yard and ruin it. The leak can also lead to a flood in your home. Flooding can ruin your basement and home by itself. You need a professional to find a way to repair or replace your lead pipe without ruining your yard or home.

  3. Wasting Water

    As a homeowner, we need water for our daily activities like drinking, showering etc. But we can’t waste too much water because it will go high on our water bill. Saving water can help you save money. By calling a professional plumber, they can find the root of the water leak, which can save you tons of water and money.

The Best Lead Pipes Replacement

Our plumbers at Plumbers Near Me has detailed knowledge about underground pipes and lead pipes. As homeowners, we know what is it like to have leaks and water that has been exposed to lead or other stuff. It is not a good feeling as it can have an impact on your mental and physical health. Our plumbers have tons of experience in working with lead pipes and handling them, so it can make your life easier. This means we replace your property’s pipes, but also the city’s pipes. This is done through the City of Toronto’s Priority Lead Water Service Replacement Program. Each home should have a good quality supply of water. Our team of plumbers will replace your lead pipes with something that is safer like plastic pipes.  Our team will make sure that your lead pipes will be replaced with better alternative ones in Toronto and nearby areas.

Also, Plumbers Near Me has the best equipment when it comes to fixing the plumbing. We have the latest technology to replace, repair or install parts of the plumbing system especially lead pipes.


Our plumbers will have a look at the trench and see fits with the liens, so you can get the best materials to replace the lead pipe. We will make sure it is in regulation with the city’s laws. With modern plumbing, we try to use the most efficient method to get it done instead of digging up your yard and making a mess.

Contact Plumbers Near Me today for more information on the lead pipe replacement services or to get your lead pipe replacement services today. We will make sure you save your money and also getting clean water at the same time. Get your lead pipes replacement today in Toronto and nearby areas.