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Do you need plumbing service in Kitchener ? Plumbers Near Me has got you covered.

Do you need plumbing service in Kitchener? Plumbers Near Me is ready to assist you for whatever plumbing emergency that presents your home with a challenge. From clogged drains, to drain cleaning to running toilets and more, we provide the best Kitchener plumbing services. We understand that plumbing emergencies can be random and sudden and our team has the experience and equipment to counter the most difficult emergencies.

Are you currently experiencing a plumbing emergency?

If you are currently experiencing a plumbing emergency, we recommend that you take the following steps:
  • Turn off your water: The very first thing that you should do is to shut off your main water source. By shutting down your main water, you can eliminate the potential of your plumbing system experiencing more severe plumbing issues.
  • Contact a professional: By contacting a plumbing professional you can grasp a better understanding of your plumbing issue. This is a crucial step as a plumbing professional will give you a professional opinion on what your emergency is, what you can do until a plumber arrives and the possible resolutions that our team can take.
  • Turn off your water heater: By leaving your water heater on during a plumbing emergency, your pipes could sustain unexpected damages. By shutting off your water heater, the water is less likely to unexpectedly damage your pipes.

Some of the notable services that we provide include:

  • Dripping Faucets: 

    • Without resolution, Dripping faucets run for over the course of months or years, causing your water bill to spike due to the wastage of water. It may seem like a minor issue, however, a dripping faucet wastes many gallons of water per year, causing your water bill to shoot up in the process.
    • Tap washers are what prevent a faucet from dripping when it is not in use. However, once its tap washer starts to wear out, it begins to lose its effectiveness. While you can replace a tap washer on your own, you will need the necessary tools and required steps. Not sure how to replace a tap washer? Feel free to contact us

  • Clogged Drains

    • Clogged drains are the result of a blockage within your home’s pipes. Blockages can occur within the drain as thick substances such as hair attempt to go down within it. To clean out clogged drains, a variety of methods can be implemented. For heavily clogged drains, the best way to clean it is through hydro jetting. Hydro Jetting utilizes a strong beam of water to cut through and clean a clogged drain. Before choosing hydro jetting to clean your pipes, we urge you to  contact us for drain cleaning and replacement. 

  • Low Water Pressure

    • Low water pressure can be a nuisance to deal with for even the simplest day-to-day tasks, such as showering or washing dishes. If you do have low water pressure, you should determine if it is from a single appliance or if it is occuring throughout your entire household. The reason why you have low water pressure starts with the condition of the faucet aerator. The aerator controls the flow of water from your faucet. However, the buildup of debris and minerals in the aerator can cause it to lose effectiveness. To counter the buildup of debris in the aerator, it should be removed and cleaned every 4-6 months. The removal of an aerator can be a difficult process without the proper tools. We advise you to contact us to remove and clean your aerator in order to get your water pressure back to normal.

  • Frozen Pipes

    • Frozen pipes are typically the result of a temperature drop as the season transitions from Fall to Winter. As water flows through pipes during the wintertime, it is vulnerable to freeze and damage your pipes. Freezing pipes can create a variety of problems for your home. If your pipes are heavily frozen, your plumbing system will experience low water pressure in all of your appliances. If your pipes are also severely frozen, your pipes could potentially burst. A burst pipe is a costly repair expense which is not easy to fix. To resolve low water pressure and avoid a burst pipe, we urge you to contact us to get your pipes in working condition again.

  • Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

    • When your sewer line accumulates too much waste from the pipes connected to your sinks, showers and toilets, it can damage the sewer line. As a result, you may experience water backups, foul odours coming from drains, low toilet water or gurgling noises and even potential yard flooding. The main causes of sewer line damage are lack of pipe maintenance, tossing solids such as hair down your drains, the forms of tree roots within your pipes. To resolve the issues of your pipes, we can provide pipe relining, burst pipe replacement and provide pipe maintenance. If we believe that your sewer line is damaged, contact us for repair and replacement service.

Do you have sewer line damage? Plumbers Near Me can provide you with sewer line repairs and replacement.

What should I do next?

Whatever plumbing issue you are experiencing, we highly recommend that you contact us to resolve it. We understand the significance of resolving plumbing problems before they get worse. Our team at Plumbers Near Me is equipped with many years of experience in dealing with plumbing emergencies. Plumbers Near Me will provide you with the best plumbing service to resolve all of your plumbing emergencies.

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