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As homeowners, we all will come to face a plumbing emergency at one point or another. The best emergency plumber in Guelph is Plumbers Near Me. We offer the best 24/7 emergency plumbing support in Guelph. We have satisfied customers all over the GTA. Furthermore, we offer upfront pricing and price match competing plumbers quotes.

Do not hesitate to call an emergency plumber in Guelph when you are unsure how to fix the problem. This will minimize further damage to your home. Whatever the situation may be, there’s no need to panic when you trust the emergency plumber from Plumbers Near Me.

Common Plumbing Emergencies

Over Flowing Toilet

Whether you are dealing with a clogged toilet or a malfunctioning toilet, your first course of action should be shutting off the water. The water valve is located at the bottom of the water line on the side of the toilet. Turn it counterclockwise, it should be fairly easy to turn off. This should make it easier to deal with the problem.

When it comes to unclogging a toilet it can as easy as applying pressure to a plunger. If the clog is more serious, a snake or auger would best to use for a deeper clog. After the clog is removed be sure to reset the float mechanism and turn the water valve back on.

Stopped-Up Sink Drain

Taking proper care of our drains will prevent them from getting stopped up. Avoiding dumping grease, coffee grounds or any dense materials down the drain because it can clog it up and possibly damage the pipes. If you have tried using a plunger and it has not worked, try using an auger or snake that is easy to use and can help eliminate clogs deeper in your drains.

Burst Pipes

The most severe plumbing emergency is when pipes burst causing flooding within the home. A burst pipe can release about 100 gallons in an 8 hour period. If this happens immediately shut off the water. Additionally, remove any electronics and furniture to prevent any further damage.

Leaking Pipes

When dealing with a leaky pipe, you will know the seriousness of it if you can see the leak or not. If a leak springs from the joint use a wrench to tighten it. Sometimes when tightening one joint it may cause the other to loosen. If that does not work use a rubber patch, or waterproof tape.

Sump Pump Failures

If your sump pump is not working remove the screen and remove any debris that is preventing the movement of the impeller. If the impeller is clean the stump pump may not be getting enough electricity or has a defective float switch. Sometimes when it has been running for an extended period of time, it may shut down due to thermal overload.

Water Heater Malfunction

A common water heater complication can be a leaking tank, the water is either too hot or too cold, a strange smell or colour and noises coming from the water heater. If there are no visible leaks then try flushing the tank.

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It is hard to find the perfect plumber in Guelph. Don’t worry about that, we have the perfect plumber for you. Actually, we have lots of plumbers that experienced, skilled and knowledgeable. They can fix any issue that comes their way. Contact Plumbers Near me today near the Guelph Area.

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