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As homeowners, plumbing emergencies can be a nightmare. But, when it comes to fixing plumbing emergencies, Plumbers Near Me can’t be beaten! Doing simple things during a plumbing emergency can help prevent more damage to your home. But it is best to call Plumbers Near Me and get an emergency plumber in Georgetown to help when handling a plumbing emergency. Whether it is a flooded basement, water leaking through the wall or a leaking pipe. It is important to seek immediate attention. When looking for an emergency plumber in Georgetown, it is important to first know how to prevent further damage before your plumber arrives.

What To Do In A Plumbing Emergency

Homeowners in a plumbing emergency in most cases tend to naturally panic. But by keeping calm you can help minimize the amount of damage that it causes to your home. Always remember that it is best to call a 24/7 plumber in all emergencies. Keeping their contact on an emergency contact list will save you time in case of an emergency.

5 Step Checklist In A Plumbing Emergency:

Here is a list of 5 things you should do in a plumbing emergency.
1. Shut Off The Water
Turning off the closet water sources as quickly as you can to prevent further damage and flooding.
2. Turn Off Your Water Heater

It’s always a good idea when dealing with a plumbing emergency to turn off the water heater to prevent any damage to it. If left on it may overheating or burst especially if you have a gas heater it is important to turn it off.

3.Fix Small Visible Leaks

If by looking around your home you find a small leak. Fix them using plumbers tape or towels. Keep a note of these leaks so when your emergency plumber arrives you can have them fix it right away.

4. Open Any Drain And Spigots

Once you have shut off the water there may still be water in your pipes. This water is removable from your main home area by turning on spigots outside of your home. Additionally, you could turn on your garden hose and release any water pressure still in it. If there is a small clog use a tool such as a plunger and refrain from using any chemicals. This may cause more problems when your plumber arrives.

5. Call And Be Attentive

It is common that most homeowners forget to call a plumber in a plumbing emergency. By calling right away you are minimizing as much damage as possible. At Plumbers Near Me, our plumbers are trained for any situation and will notify you immediately if a situation is too dangerous.

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