Drain Replacement

Is Your Drain Not Working or Broken?

Over time, your drain may just stop working or broken because of the condition it is in.  Drains are important because they help with regular day to day things like washing your hands, taking a shower and more. The drain takes away the wastewater, so you can have clean water. In order for that to happen, your drain needs to be functional.  This means that it is not functional, so it can have damage or not working.There are many reasons why your drain may not work anymore. It could be of that age of your drain or condition or other reasons. If you need one of your drains changed, it is best to get it replaced as soon as possible. We offer drain replacement in Toronto and nearby areas.

That’s why Plumbers Near Me offers 24/7 emergency plumbing support that can replace your drains whenever you need them. Our plumbers have over a decade of experience and know the exact procedure for replacing your drains. When you trust Plumbers Near Me you can make sure that replacing your drain is a quick and seamless process

There are many ways to repair a drain.  But each drain that needs to be repaired will benefit more from one of the following three ways.  In addition, different drains require different methods to be used.  Bathtub drain cant be repaired the same way a sink drain can.  Lets dive deeper into this.  

When do you need a drain repair?

To know if you need a drain repair you have to check your home’s pipes for the following 4 things.  

  • Slow draining
  • Not draining
  • Recurring clogs
  • Foul smelling

First, do your pipes drain slowly?  When you have a shower, does the water have a hard time getting down? What about if you run the water in your kitchen. If it does drain quite slowly, call a plumber to have them assess the situation. 

Secondly, are your pipes not draining at all?  If your pipes aren’t draining at all, there is an issue somewhere along the line that needs to be addressed.  There is some kind of clog in your pipes; be it close to the drain or deep within, a plumber can fix this usually with little to no problem. 

Thirdly, even if you manage to unclog your drain at home, but then later the clog comes back, it could be a sign of something more. Clogs that have been cleared shouldn’t be coming back over and over. It is a sign that the pipe either wasn’t cleared correctly when you did it at home or there is another issue that facilitates the clog each time. Whatever it is, recurrent clogs need the attention of a licensed plumber.

Lastly, if you notice that there is a foul smell coming from any, or all of your drains, this is not a good sign. This signals that there is a sewer backup and the bad smell is fumes reentering your home. Bring in a plumber soon if you notice this, a sewer issue left unattended can be catastrophic.

Risk Factors

These are risk factors that a plumber will take into consideration when preparing to repair your drain.

  • Pipe material
  • Pipe age
  • Accessibility
  • What kind of clog
  • Any past repairs?

The material your pipes are made out of is important to how a plumber will deal with your issue.  If your pipes are made of clay, the process will be different than for those who have plastic or metal pipes.

The age of your home plumbing matters too.  Many modern fixes cannot be performed on older plumbing.  A plumber can usually tell based on looking at your pipes how old they are, after which they can determine a plan of action, and how they will go about with the drain repair.

Next, how accessible are your drains?  A kitchen drain is much more accessible than say a shower drain or even a toilet drain.  Plumbers have many solutions depending on the accessibility of your drain.

Your drain repair solution will also be based on what kind of a clog you are experiencing.  Is it one from food, hair, corrosion, something else entirely?  Plumbers will determine with their camera to determine what the clog is and once again the appropriate action plan.

Your plumber will also want to know if there have been any recent repairs and what those repairs were.

What kind of drains can be repaired

Pretty much any drain can be repaired.   As long as the plumber can reach it, something can be done.  These are some of the more common drains and drain problems that can be repaired:

  • Kitchen drains
  • Kitchen sinks are put through a lot.  Grease, food scraps, hair, oil, and soap to name a few.  While not all of this is bad on it’s own, when combined with frequent use, you will inevitably run into issues.

  • Bathroom drains
  • Showering is where most of our body sheds its hair.  Even if you decide to make hair pictures on the shower wall, all that hair still finds its way down the drain and can ball up and cause a clog.  Soap and dead skin are also clog culprits.

  • Sewer lines
  • Multiple clogged sewer drains doesn’t mean that each drain is clogged, more likely it means there is a problem with the main sewer line.

  • Drain leaks
  • Leaking drains might allow for unwanted debris to enter your home.  If you even think there’s a possibility your drain is leaking, call a plumber.

Drain repair methods

  • Drain inspection
  • First step to any repair is to inspect.  A plumber will use a CCTV camera to scope out the problem before he determines a solution.

  • Snaking
  • Snaking is an effective way to get rid of dirt and debris buildup.  It grabs hold of any debris and takes it out.  A drain snake can even work on smaller tree roots!  This is the most non invasive plan of action.

  • Excavation
  • Excavation is a much more extreme way to take care of your plumbing problems.  It involves the dig up and removal of old pipes, replacing them with new ones.  This is only done if there is not another viable solution, or if the pipes are made of lead.  

  • Bursting drain
  • This technique involves feeding a bursting head (like a balloon) through the old pipe and bursting through clogs and broken pipe.  Followed by the bursting head is the lining for a new pipe in replacement of the old one.  

  • Relining drain
  • Once again a less invasive drain repair method where an epoxy is poured to seal off any leaks and reline the pipe making it easier for water and debris to flow through.


If you think you have a problem with one of your home’s drains, call a plumber to check things out. While you may want to save money by “fixing things yourself” you could end up causing more damage which will undeniably cost you more in the long run.

Why Should A Professional Do My Drain Replacement?

When it comes to changing your drain,  you need a professional who has the knowledge about drains, the experience in replacing drains and the tools to use when installing material in. Hiring a plumber like us is the best way to go to repairing or replacing your drain

Here are more reasons:

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