Backwater Valve Installation

What is a backwater valve?

This is a device that is installed in your sewer line to ensure that wastewater does not flow back into the home. This problem usually occurs after heavy rainfall or snow which is harder to manage and changes the direction of water flow. A backwater valve lets water leave you home but the flaps it is attached to will close the opening shut should water flow in the opposite direction. Backwater valves help prevent any room in your home below ground level from becoming flooded so it’s a good idea to look into this installation.

When should I install a backwater valve?

It’s always better to have installations done when you’re newly constructing a home this way the installation won’t get in the way of construction and it’ll be taken into consideration when the home is being built. This means it will be cheaper to install the backwater valve in this stage. But installations can be done even after the home is built even if it makes it more difficult to perform the service. This is because there may be construction that could make it harder to install the device in a proper spot making it a costlier option. You will also need permission from the municipality

How can I get a backwater valve installed?

Before you can get this installation you need to make sure that you have all the necessary permits from the local government. Different municipalities require different types of devices to be installed to prevent flooded so it’s better to be informed. When you have received the necessary confirmation hire our professional plumbers to get the job done quickly and safely. We know how to properly install the device so it doesn’t interfere with the rest of your plumbing system.

How do I know if a backwater valve was already installed?

If you have bought a fully constructed home you may not know if a backwater device has already been installed. To determine whether this is the case or not we recommend hiring a plumber to perform an inspection of your home. They can ensure that everything is set up properly and that the backwater valve doesn’t need to be replaced due to old age or other factors. An inspection is done using a video camera through the pipes so there is no disruption to your home.

Do I need a backwater valve?

There are a few things you should consider when you want to get a backwater valve installation.
  1. Climate – Do live in an area with heavy rains or snow? This gets into the sewer system and if it’s too much water it will flow back into your home bringing waste with it. 
  2. Sump Pump – If you already have a sump pump installed it’s good to have an added protection of backwater valves as well.  A sump pump installation indicates that water needs to be drained from your home to prevent flooding. Having a backwater valve installed offers more protection. 
  3. Location – Some provinces are making it mandatory for backwater installation. This is why there are rebates offered in those locations. Check with your municipality to determine if your home location is included. 

Does Ontario offer a subsidy for backwater valve installation?

People in Burlington, Kingston, Milton, Oakville, and Toronto are able to obtain subsidiaries to help pay for backwater valve installation.

How do you maintain a backwater valve?

After this device is installed you should check it every 2-3 months or before heavy rain or snowfall is predicted. As things flow out of your home gunk could end up accumulating in the device making it take a longer time to work. Wearing a pair of rubber gloves open the cover to check for debris. If you notice some scrub the area with soap and water to get rid of it. Properly inspect the other parts of the backwater valve for any damage to the device close the cover once more.

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